When Ao Fang reaches the period of extinction, it will be different. The Ao Fang in the period of extinction is equivalent to the cultivation of Dacheng. Although now his physical strength is at most equivalent to the spirit, but then the physical strength of the square is at least inferior to the immortal. Can play out the attack is absolutely terrible, the comprehensive strength is at least a level of fairy, who is the opponent of Aofang. Gu Changting suddenly remembered something and looked at Fang curiously, "Brother Ao Fang.". How did you refine your fairy ware? When Ao Fang gave Gu Changting the fairy ware, Gu Changting only had the fairy ware in his mind. Even if he knew that the fairy ware was refined by Ao Fang, he was not suspicious at that time. When Ao Fang asked him about the storage bag just now, Gu Changting remembered that Ao Fang was just a true cultivator. How could a true cultivator refine a fairy ware? Ao Fang smiled and said, "It was all my teacher who taught me." Your Shibo? Who is it?. Speaking of my master, that's awesome. Oh? So where is he now? Can you take me to see him? A disciple is such a cow, the master is not a cow in heaven, everyone in the realm of cultivation worships the strong. Even a master like Gu Changting is the same. I don't know where Shibo is now. Ao Fang laughed. Ao Fang also wanted to meet his master, whom he had never met before,Warehouse storage racks, and wanted to thank him face to face. If it wasn't for the secret book he gave himself. I'm just an ordinary person on the earth now. Is your Shibo from the fairy world? Sort of. I really can't answer this question. I don't even know what he looks like. "Don't say that.". Brother Shuo, do you know how many scattered immortals there are in the realm of cultivation? Ao Fang signed an exclusive contract for this work, which was carried by Tong Huishan, excerpted. For more about the latest and fastest Koo Festival, please visit 4 …! Yuliang Ming Dynasty era online games zone. Old "Day 4 …" I am most concerned about this problem. There are scattered immortals in the eight sects and our Tianmo domain. There are also casual practitioners,Narrow aisle rack, but these people are old monsters who have practiced for many years, and generally do not come out, as for things like storage bags. As long as you know the refining method, the general Sanxian can be refined out, hehe, this is what my Martial Uncle said. Your uncle?. My Martial Uncle is one of them. "" Gu Changting said with a smile, "If he knew you could refine immortals, he would be shocked, hehe!" I didn't expect there were so many reclusive people. It seems that my plan will have to wait a little longer. Brother Shuo, you don't want others to say that I can refine immortals first. "" Ao Fang Chuanyin said. " Oh? Why? I'm going to tell my brother about your skill of refining utensils, pipe cantilever rack ,radio shuttle racking, and ask him to come and ask you to join our Blood Shrine. Gu Changting knows that people who are as powerful as Fang and can refine utensils, especially those who can refine immortals, will scramble to pull Ao Fang into their doors once they are known by other sects or eight sects in Tianmo Domain. He is now the first to get the moon, so of course he will leave Ao Fang in the Blood Shrine. The time has not yet come. Not yet? What is the meaning of this. Read a book to go to Sika Gongjiu, Jinshu. Brother Shuo. Don't ask so many questions. I'll tell you when the time comes. Oh, then I know, you can rest assured, my mouth is very strict, you give me the fairy I do not need for the time being. Everyone has his own secret, Gu Changting first saw Fang found that Ao Fang was different, but with his character, Fang did not want to say things he naturally would not ask. And Ao Fang trusts himself so much. He also gave himself a top-grade fairy. No matter from which side, you should listen to Ao Fang. Mu Youhua took the flying sword, put it in his storage bag with a wave of his hand, and sat back in his seat. Lord Ouyang, please. "Ao Fang interrupted Ouyang Qinghong.". Everyone looked at Ao Fang one after another. With a confident smile on his face, Ao Fang slowly stepped onto the stage under the gaze of the crowd. Ouyang Chengzhu, in the hands of the flying column to sell. Oh? Does Fang Xiaoyou also have a flying sword to sell? "A colorful flying sword appeared on Ao's right hand." "Immortal" saw the flying sword on Ao's right hand. Ouyang Qinghong, standing in front of the front, was the first to cry out. Hearing Ouyang Qinghong's voice, everyone looked at Fei Chuang in his right hand. "Immortal" eight schools and Tianmo people were surprised to open their eyes, and even Liu Xizhuo, who had already known that there were immortals, lost his voice when he saw the immortals in his right hand again. It's a fairy, it's really a fairy. "The crowd of onlookers sent out a burst of exclamations, one wave higher than the other." Why does he have a fairy? Liu Yuncheng opened his eyes wide in surprise and looked at Ao Fang in disbelief. Shibo, you see, what the disciple said is true. He really has a fairy. "" Wei Bingshu said to Zhao Zhiliang. Read a book to go to ten thousand book cherry to bend muscle old, read a book Ao Fang to be harsh with him greatly "how does he have celestial being implement?" Murong Xue opened his mouth as wide as anyone else in surprise. There were thousands of people in the whole meeting hall at the moment, and everyone's eyes never left after seeing the fairy in Aofang's hand. Immortal ware, there are only two immortal wares in the realm of cultivation. Most people can't see them at all if they want to see them at ordinary times. Today they have seen them, and they are at such a close distance. The spirit of the immortal spirit emitted from the immortal ware is very clear,Pallet rack upright, which is unique to the immortal ware. Ao Fang and Gu Changting were the only people who were not in a dull state at the moment. Even the two men of Ao Fang looked at the immortal ware in Ao's right hand in a daze. Ao Fang gave them the top-grade spirit ware. At that time, they were shocked and speechless, but the shock of the top-grade spirit ware could not be compared with the immortal ware. And. omracking.com