Originally published as High risk but high salary! What is unknown behind the mysterious "construction site water ghost"? "It is said that this is a profession with high salary and high risk. If you come up, you will get 20,000 yuan. If you don't come up, you will get 1 million yuan." "You have to be a mother pulling a rope on the top before you dare to go down, not a daughter-in-law; or a father and son partner, husband and wife team is not safe, to avoid being framed by the people above." "Sign a statement of life and death beforehand, and life and death depend on fate and wealth." "If it really can't come up, the construction party will pour concrete directly into it, and even some project parties will deliberately bury the water ghost below, blood sacrifice to bless their project smoothly." …… The above rumors describe the "water ghost" of the construction site in a mysterious way! The work of "site water ghost" is basically to salvage drill bits underwater, because it needs to dive deep in the mud pit, so the risk factor is very high, so the name "site water ghost" is very famous. Water ghosts are not real ghosts. They are the name of professional divers on the construction site. They refer to people who are engaged in underwater work. They specialize in fishing out the head of the drill bit in the construction site, doing some underwater cutting or adjusting the drill pipe and other work. Note: The drill bit of this percussion drill may fall off. Water ghost is a high-risk occupation, such work has a high pay, some people think that as long as the courage is good enough to do, in fact, this is a wrong perception. Their work is so dangerous that if they are not careful, they will die. This work is much more dangerous than other diving operations. It is said that it is difficult to be a "water ghost on the construction site". Where is the difficulty? The main reasons are as follows: 1. The diving space is very narrow. The diameter of the drilling hole in the general construction site is between 80 CM and 2200 CM, which is the space they can dive into. When the water ghost dives under the hole, he needs to wear a heavy diving suit, and it is very difficult to turn around when working underwater. 2. The hole wall can collapse at any time. Because of the narrow diameter of the borehole, there will be a steel sleeve near the ground to prevent the hole from collapsing, but there is no steel sleeve below, and the whole hole is protected by mud. If you encounter a layer of soil or loose rock, the water ghost will rotate its body below, and the wall of the hole may collapse. Expand the full text 3. The medium that the water ghost enters is mud with zero visibility. We know that some mud is drilled out of the engineering borehole. The water and mud in the whole borehole are mixed together to become sticky mud. There is a lot of resistance to move forward in the mud. If you don't pay attention to it, the diving suit will be cut. 4. The depth of diving will not be too shallow. If the drill bit is lost in a shallow drilling hole, the construction site can be salvaged by itself. Generally, water ghosts are invited to salvage because the holes are too deep, some of them are more than ten meters, or even more than 20 meters. In addition, the density of mud is high, so the pressure of divers can be imagined. They have to work in such a dark environment. Under the holes, they rely on experience and construction records to explore. It is precisely because of this, the water ghost industry is very dangerous, not ordinary people can do it. Since it is so dangerous, why is there a water ghost industry? The original large-scale engineering construction, such as bridge construction, high-rise building construction is the need for piling, piling process is not foolproof, when the drill bit encounters complex geology, the drill bit of the impact drill may fall or be stuck, there is a pile driver drill anchor situation, at this time, the engineering side will often hire the water ghost to go down to salvage, The cost of salvage is not low, and it costs tens of thousands of yuan. Why do we have to fish the drill out? The drill bit of the pile driver is the most important part of the whole process when driving piles on a large construction site. The drill bit of the pile driver is divided into many forms, such as spiral drill bit and straight spiral drill bit. Among them, the conical double screw bit is suitable for hard rock, while the double screw bit is suitable for all kinds of frozen soil, weathered bedrock, pebbles and other geology. The weight of the pile head of each pile driver is not light. Generally, it weighs several tons. The drill bit of cross and plum blossom generally weighs about three tons. The price of the drill bit is expensive. According to the size and function, the price ranges from 10,000 to tens of thousands of yuan. The drill bit of the pile driver is made of alloy, and a safety rope is tied on the drill bit when the pile is driven. It is very rare for a pile driver bit to fall off, but there are always accidents. If the drill bit of the pile driver falls off, the engineering side will try to fish it up, because if it is not fished up, the hole will be useless. To know the design of the project, the location of each pile has been repeatedly studied and verified. If the hole is abandoned, the redesign of another place will have a huge impact on the project. For large-scale projects such as road repair and bridge repair, changing a pile hole may affect the whole body. If the position of a pile foundation is changed, dozens of kilometers of boreholes may have to be redesigned and re-constructed. This will not only cost a lot of money, but also affect the progress of the project, the loss is incalculable. Besides, the price of a drill bit is not cheap. If it falls underground, if the engineering party does not salvage it, it needs to be replaced immediately. This is heavy and expensive, and it takes time to replace it, which also affects the progress of the project. Therefore, in the process of construction, if the drill bit of the pile driver falls, the engineering side will try to fish it out. In fact, every time the pile head falls, it is not necessary to ask the water ghost to salvage, the construction side can try to salvage by itself. The construction party will slowly try to hook up the drill bit with a hook, down the hole bit , because there is a circle of safety rope on the drill bit, if the hook can hook the circle of safety rope, it can be fished up. But the pile hole is often mud, water and mud mixed together, completely unable to see the underground situation, like a blind man touching the lamp. So how do the water ghosts salvage the drill bit? It turned out that in the process of salvage, two people were needed to cooperate. One person wore a protective suit, an oxygen mask, and a safety rope tied to his body. They dived into the sticky mud. It was dark in the mud, and nothing could be seen. They needed to dive tens of meters, or even hundreds of meters. At this time, danger is likely to occur, so a surface person is needed to ensure his safety. The security personnel standing outside the wellhead need to provide enough oxygen and air supply pressure for the diver. Because the more people sink, the greater the pressure of the water, underwater divers need a certain amount of air supply pressure to offset the impact of the surrounding water pressure, to ensure that they can smoothly dive to the downhole drill bit. When divers dive to the bottom of the pile hole, they will immediately report to the telephone operator or support personnel above through electronic equipment, and then ventilate to adapt to the underwater environment immediately. In fact, in the well, what they have to do is very simple, that is, take the rope and dive to the drill bit to tie the lifting point. As long as the steel cable can firmly bind the lifting point of the drill bit and pull it up, it is the matter of the machine. After finishing this work, they will ask to leave the bottom of the water. The surface security personnel will help them adjust the air volume, buoyancy can not be too large, the rising speed can not be too fast, otherwise it will cause safety accidents. If they complete the task, they can get a reward of 120000 yuan. If there is any problem in the process of diving into the water, the ground security personnel will immediately pull the safety rope and pull the person up. Therefore, two people need to cooperate with each other and trust each other. A netizen asked: The salvage price is so expensive, the salvage process is so dangerous, why not drain the water in the well? First of all, because the specific gravity of the mud is very large, between 1.3 and 1.4, if the mud is pumped out, the pressure of the hole wall will disappear, and the hole wall may collapse, so it is very difficult to fish out the drill bit. Moreover, some boreholes are tens of meters or hundreds of meters deep and have reached the underground water layer, where the water may not be pumped out in ten days and a half months. For the engineering side, time is money, but they can not afford it. Others say, why not use robots instead of human beings? In fact, as far as the current level of science and technology is concerned, there is no machine that can replace manual work to salvage drill bits underground. If it is operated by a machine, it will be more difficult to fish out the drill bit if it fails to fish out once and destroys the hole. Some netizens also suggested that a large magnet could be used to suck up the drill bit. It is true that some people have used this method, but it must have a strong enough electromagnet, and the weight of the drill bit will not be too heavy, the key drill bit must also be made of iron, if it is made of alloy, this method is not feasible. Although the work of water ghost is very dangerous, there are still people who are willing to work in such a high-risk industry because of its higher remuneration. So what kind of conditions do you need to engage in this industry? 1. First of all, we need to be young. Because they are young and strong, they can dive underwater for a longer time, because young people have better physical strength and can withstand greater external pressure than old water ghosts. The resistance of moving forward in the sticky mud is very great, and it also consumes a lot of physical strength. Only young people with good physical strength can go down and come up. Generally, the age of water ghost is before 30 years old, and after 30 years old, the physical strength is poor, so few people go down the well. After the age of 40, I can't do this job because I can't bear the strong pressure underground. 2. A strong water effort is required. Although they wear diving suits and masks, they also need good water work to work under complex holes. My uncle said that with the deepening of the depth underwater, the pressure is very high, the breathing sound is getting thicker and thicker, and there are all kinds of water grunts. 3. Professional training is required. They have to undergo professional training, understand all kinds of possible situations of drill bit falling, learn all kinds of coping methods, they must hold certificates and hang in qualified companies. 4. To have good psychological quality and professional skills, every time they receive a task, they must make a professional assessment of the underground situation. Of course, we need a few partners to cooperate with each other. If there is any accident in the person who sneaks into the borehole, the people on the ground should pull him up immediately. Conclusion: Some people think that the wages for salvaging drill bits are too expensive. If everything goes well, it will be 20,000 yuan an hour. They will think that the water ghost has made a lot of money. In fact, this profession is very dangerous. In addition, not every construction site will have the phenomenon of drill bit anchoring. Sometimes they only receive a job in ten days and a half months. Such dangerous work is not often available, and the fees are naturally higher. If twenty thousand yuan is salvaged every day, it will be six hundred thousand yuan a month. I think even if it is a dangerous job, there must be a lot of people competing to do it. In short, every line has its own rules. There are many dangerous jobs in today's society, such as installing air conditioners at high altitude and being a firefighter. Which job is not full of danger? No matter how dangerous it is, someone will do it because we really need money to live. We can't do it without money, don't you think? 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