The buffer zone has a name called Broken Wasteland. According to Tang Fan, Broken Wasteland is actually a battlefield where zombies and skeletons fight. Broken wasteland, always around a tragic breath of death, very strong, no effect on the undead creatures, but if it is the same as human life, will be affected by this breath, thus losing their reason. Tang Fan can feel, this kind of breath all the time to affect him, fortunately Tang Fan's mental strength is strong, regardless of quality or quantity, therefore, has not been affected. According to Abby, there are still some undead races living in the Broken Wasteland, such as the Zombie Race and the Skeleton Race, and a small number of them live in the Broken Wasteland. After all, the Broken Wasteland does not belong to any one power, but is a common zone. Tang Fan lowered his flying altitude, released his mental strength, and quickly swept around a radius of several kilometers. Flying, suddenly, Tang Fan's body, his mental strength, swept to a powerful wave of death magic. As soon as Tang Fan's direction turned around, he quickly went in the direction of the magic wave of death, an instant kilometer. Not long after,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, Tang Fan saw the target. That's five knights. Under Tang Fan's gaze, their attributes also appear in Tang Fan's mind. These five knights are the death knights of the ruins of death. Death knights are a race of undead different from zombies, skeletons and ghosts, and their individual fighting power is very strong. To put it simply, in the ruins of death, the three races of zombies, skeletons and ghosts are the most numerous races, far more than other races a hundred times, a thousand times or even ten thousand times or more, so they dominate the three forces of the ruins of death. In addition,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, there are other undead races, the number of these undead races is relatively small, but the individual strength is very strong. In terms of the level of the undead, the three races of zombies, skeletons and ghosts belong to the bottom of the undead race, while the death knights are in the middle. The appearance of the death knight is very strange and cool. A dark armor, from the head down, covered the whole body, and in Tang Fan's view, the death knight is no body, because through the gap in the armor, you can see the inside, is a mass of purple light. These purple lights, some of which are relatively thin and some of which are relatively rich, are like large tadpoles in the armor of the death knight, swimming rapidly. And every death knight has a horse in his crotch. This horse is called the death steed, is the exclusive mount of the death knight, the death steed and the death knight, Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle ,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, the whole body is covered with dark armor, forming the shape of a steed, but in fact, the inside of the steed, also like the death knights, with a large group of purple light quickly swimming. Death knights and death horses are almost a whole. They are all purple lights, and these death knights and death horses are all holy levels. It seems that purple represents a level of strength, which is equivalent to the holy level in the ruins of death. Tang Fan said to himself. Five death knights, one of whom is level 64 and the other four are level 63, have the same level of death steed as they do. Tang Fan felt the power fluctuations they emitted, and immediately could be sure that these death knights, even without death horses, had more powerful fighting power than zombies of the same level, plus death horses, they could fight across a level and even kill zombie skeletons or ghosts. When Tang Fan observed the five death knights, the death knights also found Tang Fan, so they turned around and charged towards Tang Fan. On their right hands, they all raised sharp spears. On the spears, the breath of death was extremely strong, and a faint smell of decadent blood filled the air. Claw of Bones Waving the white bone staff, in an instant, a huge bone claw, tearing heaven and earth from another dimension, a hard grasp, directly seized the five death knights. After Tang Fan's level was raised to 68, the power of the claws of the bones became more powerful, and the claws of the bones became much bigger. All of a sudden, he grabbed the five death knights together with the death horses under their crotch. He grabbed them hard, and there was a click. In a mournful wail, the five death knights were directly crushed by the claws. Soul Drain Immediately, ten purple soul fires flew out of the claws of broken bones and flew to Tang Fan, who then purified and condensed them into ten soul beads. The death knight's individual combat effectiveness, must surpass the zombie some, is more formidable, if, I subdue more death knights, but also may form a formidable undead army corps once more. Tang Fan said to himself, his eyes suddenly brightened. The death knights are supposed to live in the broken wasteland. I'll find them. Under the thought, Tang Fan flew away quickly, and his mental strength spread out, covering a range of ten thousand meters, sweeping past, looking for the breath of the death knight. However, the area of the broken wasteland is indeed very large, and it is really difficult to find a race of undead that is not very large in number, especially when the location is unknown. Flying, suddenly, Tang Fan stopped again, gathered his mental strength, condensed into a bunch, and spread rapidly in one direction, because he seemed to catch a little breath fluctuation, which seemed very chaotic, and which also contained the breath fluctuation of the death knight he had felt. Volume II: New Age of Chaos 164 Race Wars 164 race war When the spiritual power is condensed into a bundle and released, the spread distance will be far greater than before. Tang Fan's mental strength condenses into a bunch to spread forward, fully spreads out the distance of one hundred thousand meters, only then compares the attack to feel that the chaotic breath undulates. Immediately, as soon as Tang Fan's mind moved,Amber Dropper Bottles, teleportation started and appeared directly at the end of a bundle of mental power: 100,000 meters away. Although the distance is very far, but the consumption of mental strength is quite a lot.