Original Title: Zhejiang yuan Medical KN95 Mask Wins SGS Certificate On June 2, Zhejiang Yu'an Medical Technology Co., Ltd. received the SGS certificate issued by the General Standard Technical Service Company. SGS certification is a specific certification required in many countries. SGS provides RoHS testing and certification services in Asia,Antivirus Disposable Mask with CE Certificate, EU and the United States. As an internationally recognized inspection, identification,free shipping disposable coverall, testing and certification body, SGS reviews product testing and technical documents, issues third-party declarations of product RoHS compliance, CE Certificate KN95 Mask ,Full Body Disposable Coverall, enhances buyers'confidence in products under the new RoHS directive, and ensures that products enter the international market smoothly. Zhejiang Yu'an Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the stable improvement of product quality, while focusing on product quality and safety certification, so as to improve the stability and traceability of products in the certification management system. On February 19 this year, Yu'an surgical mask (non-sterile) obtained the qualified Inspection and Inspection Report, on February 25, the one-time protective suit obtained the qualified Inspection and Inspection Report, and on March 9, the surgical mask received the Registration Certificate of M edical Devices of the People's Republic of China. On March 21, the medical disposable protective suit obtained the Medical Device Registration Certificate of the People's Republic of China. Zhejiang yuan Medical Technology Co., Ltd. submitted the application for CE certification and SEC certification of medical masks and protective suit,Full Body Disposable Coverall, and received the SEC registration license on March 26, and CE certification on April 3 and 4. yuan Medical Disposable protective suit, Medical Plane Masks and KN95 Three-dimensional Masks have the "pass" to enter the Americas and the European Union. This SGS certification will provide one more certification document and one more export channel for Zhejiang Yu'an Medical KN95 masks to enter the foreign market. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. zjyuan-group.com